My Proposals

John Glenn Elementary

Historic Stone Monument Proposal

Income Tax Restructuring Proposal

Initial Conceptual Proposal
Answers to some questions about income tax proposal
Category of Taxpayers
Income Tax Breakdown
Note:  This proposal was introduced to Council and the Mayor on November 26, 2012.  I am advocating for scenario #4 of this proposal which would generate hundredes of thousands of dollars annualy to Seven Hills and would also decrease income tax paid by a large majority of our residents.   A small number of people who live and work in Seven Hills would receive a minor increase resulting to about $35 - $70 a year based on the average return.  To date, Council has taken no formal action on this proposal.

Also, I performed some additional analysis on my proposal and have determined that the original 85 - 90% of Income Tax payers experiencing a reduction may be a little high.  However, a great majority of Income Tax payers would have a reduction and most of the overall population would not be affected at all.

Recreation Center
Proposal to reduce Recreation Center pool hours
Follow up letter to the Mayor & Council
Second follow up letter to the Mayor
Note:  To date, the above proposals and suggestions may or may not have been implemented.  After additional verbal follow up, I have yet to receive a formal response from the Administration.

Internet Cafe's
Proposal for safety standards, fees, penalties, etc for Internet Cafe's
Formal proposed legislation for Internet Cafe's
Note:  This proposal would have increased safety standards and generated approximately $50,000 annually to Seven Hills if it would have been implemented.  A committee was formed by the Council President, of which I was not appointed to.  Audio of that meeting can be found on this website.  The City is awaiting the State of Ohio to do something with internet cafe's.  To date, nothing formally has been done. 

2012 Refuse Levy
Proposal to reduce the millage to lesson the burden on residents
Note:  Council was presented with four options on how much to ask the residents to pay.  The highest option, the "cadilac plan" was chosen by a vote of 5-1.  I voted no and one Councilman was absent.  My propsal would have split the difference between the City and the residents.  No formal action was taken on this proposal.